Flyer for a house concert by Hull-based visual artist Fen PD


Ears and Eyes is a unique organization that has been organizing shows in Northern ON and a little bit of Toronto for the past four years. Since 2013, we have been building a beautiful and artistically fuelled community in Ontario

Our aim is to unveil the shadows in experimental country, garage rock, and anything indie of sorts. Our main focus is that our artists are fully emerged in their talent, allowing all creativity to flow

Like our name, we like obscure, unusual, and eye catching venues, therefore we scour the province for the most off the wall cafes, halls, clubs, and house parties we can get our hands on

We know our artists feel at home in the most creative spaces known to us. Ears and Eyes is an experience for the musicians and artists that seek our assistance, as both require the senses of sight and hearing, it is important their art is heard and seen at all times

-Kandel K


Photo: Donna Hopper / Twin Voices performing at 180 Projects, Sault Ste Marie circa May 2015 

Jackson Reed

Ears and Eyes is currently based in Sault Ste Marie and operates with a small budget of time and $. If you don't get a message back in about three days please assume that I can't help with this booking - try to reach some of these folks: 


Richards Landing Town Hall

Gore Street Cafe

The New A

Also: take a look-see at this local database to connect with artists!