LGBTQ Community Gathers at City Hall


"If city council doesn't want to raise the rainbow flag in support of LGBTQ Athletes and others in Russia, then we will raise our own for them. It only takes one person to start a movement, but it takes a community to create and build change." - Theodore Syrette

Theodore Syrette organized a peaceful gathering in protest of city hall's refusal to fly the rainbow flag at the city hall this afternoon. At 4:00pm, members of the LGBTQ community came together with their own Canadian LGBTQ pride flags in effort to raise awareness and make change within our local municipality. 

When initially asked to fly the flag, Mayor Amaroso replied saying that "the city does not rase flags in support of any protest". As it stands, Sault Ste. Marie won't be joining other cities across Canada by flying the rainbow flag in support of human rights tonight, but there are young, inspired people in this city that are making the effort to see a change.