Top 5 at Gore Street Cafe

Top 5 at Gore Street Cafe

As a new addition to the city, the Gore Street Cafe is a pretty happening restaurant that has been receiving many positive vibes over the past year. The food they serve is often grown locally, from Algoma's bountiful farms as well as the Mill Market. Their menu is unqiue because it's made on a day to day scheme. Spaghetti one day, pancakes the next. They also do night markets. Every couple weeks, they got the fresh produce that you need. Oh and Kombucha! Great stuff. 

Besides food, they put on shows for travelling bands and arrange open mic nights. In the past they've done concerts with Snake River, Valued Customer, The Backhomes, Reenie and more. The open mics are for spoken word acts and musicians, and are always hosted by different and burgeoning leaders in our community. 

Fen PD ,

Fen PD,

Here are E&E's top five outings at the Gore Street Cafe.

1. Fishbowl Festival of Community, Food, Arts and Culture

A so called festival of people coming together. A few events on this list are apart of it, as it is not just a one day occurrence. This festival expands over one month in February / March and has 15 events with more to be announced. Tickets are 25 bux, but it'll be good. 

2. Rae Spoon

Any modern Canadian indie music listener probably knows Rae Spoon. Besides making classy and cheeky music, they are an advocate for different issues, including sexual rights. Shannon Moan opens the show, a local that E&E has presented before, so it'll probably be packed. 

3. Learning to Ferment with Cultured Club

Back on the topic of Kombucha. It's trending, but it's also tasty and healthy. Ever wonder why people said Yogurt was good for you? My understanding is the fermentation cleans & powers your digestive system. That might be gross, but it's also kinda cool. 

4. Kurt Cobain Tribute

Pretty much the best band of the 1990s. Nirvana's leader Kurt Cobain is paid tribute by fans around the anniversary of his superstitious death. Talented, teenage-lead band The Pixo Control will be performing covers and also originals from their squeaky new album. 

5. Who is Henry David Thoreau and Why Should We Care?

A workshop to educate Thoreau's existential philosophy by means of song, spoken word poetry and visual arts. His influences are genuine and his story is interesting. Local musician and author Jeff Hinich will lead the evening with the assistance multi-medium artist Mistr Tahti. 

Gore Street Cafe on Facebook / 164 Gore Street, Sault Ste. Marie