Since our first show in May 2013, we’ve hosted over 50 different artists who've enjoyed our do it yourself vibe. Often they sleep on our floors, often they receive healthy, whole food meals. A few bands we’re proud to call friends of Cafe Natura are Aidan Knight, Wax Mannequin, The Archers, Jasper Sloan Yip, Zachary Lucky, BA Johnston, Kalle Mattson, Pat LePoidevin, Animal Parts, and the handsome Boreal Sons. Not trying to discriminate, but the musical taste here is on the alt rock / indie / alt folk / folk side... so it probably wouldn’t work out trying to go for a big rock gig, or metal, etc. Just a heads up for what the space is like, and what our crowd normally comes out for! 

- It’s a do it yourself all ages downtown show kinda vibe. The people that come out are awesome, and they like your vinyl. Usually the following is like 15 - 30 yrs of age, but every now and then we have a really broad demographic
- It’s a ticket sale deal (usually), but it’s 100% artists. There's no bar, or grant to draw money from
- Venue is Cafe Natura, 75 Elgin St
- Doors are normally 8:00, and load in / soundcheck around 5:00, 6:00
- We can give you a healthy meal the night of
- If you want an opener, let us know! We’ve got some sweet bands in town
- If you have posters, send em! if not, let us know and we’ll try to make one
- It’s a good time, we’re good guys

Six channel Fender Passport mixer
Two Fender Passport main speakers
Two mic stands
Two microphones (Sm57 AND 58) 
Two XLR cables
Some other crazy things - rug and small desk lights. Stage deco like coffee tables, globes, books, fake plants. 
It’s not a bad deal! We’re just not a big professional events company, only a bunch of music lovers

For now, email earsandeyes@gmail.com with subject titled “Your Band Name - Date You Want to Play”.

Be in touch!

Ears and Eyes