Dean Drouillard - UFO Houses

Dan Drouillard releases UFO Houses on October 28th

Dean Drouillard releases UFO Houses, an album of vintage-inspired guitar music, on Tuesday, October 28 via Backward Music

An in-demand player for the likes of Royal Wood, Sarah Harmer, Sarah Slean, Howie Beck, and Mathew Barber, Drouillard presents nine instrumental compositions on UFO Houses that guide the listener through hazy, dramatic vignettes. 

Drouillard's album marks the final installment in the Backward Music's Singles Series, which saw releases from Double Tooth, Andrew Sisk, Force Fields, Tim Crabtree, and Bing & Ruth throughout the summer. 

Giving us a taste of what is to come, opening track "Return To The Start" burst at the seams with 60's and 70's influenced surf rock haziness. Classic reverb-tinged electric guitar takes lead over a cinematic escapade of instrumental guitar-rock nostalgia. From bubbling bass lines to spacey drum rolls similar to that of Pink Floyd's "Great Gig In The Sky", Drouillard is exploring these boundaries just as much as he is determining them. 

Whether you decide to call it psychedelic-snuggle-pop, or even fuzzed-out-wake-up-rock, it's a record that will keep you warm during the coming winter months, and one I'll definitely be adding to my library come October 28th. 


Nice, Nice, Very Nice

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Kurt Vile, Real Estate, to classics like George Harrison, Pink Floyd, The Band