Alanna Gurr and The Greatest State - Late At Night

Late At Night by Alanna Gurr and the Greatest State

By Sam E.M. Decter

While listening to this album, I find myself transported through certain dusty corners of my dad's record collection, and I recall those foggy mornings when my teenaged dreams would be interrupted by the mournful reverberations of Patsy Cline played at full blast.

“I started playing music by myself in London when I was done school, and had kind of a makeshift band,” 

Gurr told The Ontarian this May.

“People were always coming and going, and then I moved back to Guelph. I wanted to find a group of people that I could play with all the time... (who) could bring their parts to the songs.”

What her band (The Greatest State - Joseph Gallo Jr. - Bass, Micheal De Paola - Drums, 
Matt Monoogian - Pedal Steel, Guitar , Vocals) brings to her songs is an elegant, uncluttered ensemble sound, one that doesn't distinguish itself through brute force or virtuoso playing. Instead, they deliver a professional, traditional style of accompaniment that discretely frames Gurr's folksy vocal sound and earnest songwriting style. The result is something purer than alt-country; the kind of deep- roots authenticity indie music lovers long for these days.

Gurr's songs speak of painful separation and heartfelt attachment. Though the theme of the album is nocturnal, its tone is not unrelentingly dark. Gurr sounds as though she's smirking through tears at melancholy memories, possessed of the courage to share her own pain.

The band has just wrapped up a month on the road in support of the vinyl release of 
Late At Night, on Guelph imprint via Missed Connection Records

Perhaps you would enjoy listening to this album over draft beers in an almost-empty bar
or try looking through photos on facebook of someone you love dearly, and miss.


For Fans Of:

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