Island People - These Days

Island People

In 2015 there has been a reoccurrence of surf, pop styles in indie music. The Hamilton band Island People are no exception. Their new album is refreshing and full of UV Rays. 

"Our goal in the early stages of writing These Days was to make a love song that doesn't bum the listener out," the band explains.

"From there it stemmed off to be the main focus and theme of the whole album. We did our best to create feel good tunes that are easy to relate to so it made sense to write about love"

It appears the rockstars The Growlers, The Drums, Mac DeMarco have conceived a hypothetical music child, in the most unlikely place. Like Sault Ste. Marie, Hamilton is a steel town. Comparatively, they are a town of excellent pop and rock projects. 

The sounds are similar to Mac Daddy, as it contains a climbing feeling similar to the bass and rhythm on Another One. Island People's "Tell Me Baby", is like a sweet a bird call to endorse DeMarco's creativity. There are beautiful drum parts the whole way through. Cymbals sound shimmering and crisp, as if showered by the sun.