Steven Lambke - Days of Heaven

Toronto's Steven Lambke put out his new record, Days of Heaven, two months ago, and his whispers have echoed long ever since. 

"it is a stunning, intimate album by songwriter Steven Lambke. The lyrics, pared to the poetic essentials and dealing with love, loss, and memory, are wise in their unknowing and sung in a quiet, true voice over rich layers of Lambke's own guitars", a press release explains. 

The fellow appears to be a jack of all trades. He has made music with monarchical rock group The Constantines (from a little label called Subpop), started the Canadian supergroup company You've Changed Records (Partner, Nap Eyes, Marine Dreams) and yet, still manages to remain modest about his doings through his art and recordings. Shary Boyle's ceramic sculpture, La Lune, appears on the cover.

It is like he is constantly re-creating himself as an artist. From Baby Eagle, to his given name. The new album looks at themes of religion, power of love, and the sun and moon. It is gentle folk, it is whisper rock.