Nap Eyes - Thought Rock Fish Scale

Nap Eyes have made the most classic indie rock record of 2016. It literally oozes with cool. But that's not what it's supposed to do, as the band unpretentiously just wants to make music. They don't want to be rockstars. They want want to be poets, who make music that you can dig. That's authentically cool.

If you like Velvet Underground, small indie Canadian bands and surreal album artwork, you may agree that it's a well done piece of jam. Nigel Chapman croons feverishly over the microphone. His monotone vocals are down to earth and sway. When he goes up or down, it's cute. Musically Nap Eyes choose to mix jazz and garage rock, and somewhere in there, folk. Not acoustic folk, but the kind of music that is made for the people. To create nostalgia, tell stories, and loosen the mood.