By Divine Right - I Want Light


Canadiana at it's best. It's not specifically folk or country, which is what you might think when a "diana" is added.

For example the genre that is Americana often finds itself bussed into categories like historic roots, singer songwriter and acoustic. But it's little brother (loosely) Canadiana, does not have to be this. Canadiana is pop, rock and roll, psych, acoustic, among other categories. 

Filtered by modesty and grass roots personality, this special Canadian tribute is inspired by a bonding in our national music scene. I'm proud to recognize the artists on this list, and excited to become educated in the 25-year journey of a career that's By Divine Right. 

Arkells, The Elwins, Sam Roberts Band, Jim Guthrie, Shotgun Jimmie, Born Ruffians and 17 more make up this adventurous collection of cover songs. A press release claims the project was first put in motion by Dylan Hudecki (The Dill), and James Meija (Hand Drawn Dracula) but I have a sneaking assumption that many hands were involved in putting it together. Sound engineers for each track, rehearsal spaces used, from album packaging to the publicist, to final mastering decisions at Lacquer Channel. Possibly one of the biggest and most important compilations in Canadian music in 2016, and if not, it will be top 5.