[VIDEO PREMIER & INTERVIEW] Paris Pick & the Pricks - Had It All (Beneath the Broadcast)

Soul, R&B, funk and smooth, melancholic pop mashes together into a soup of introspective songwriting on Paris Pick’s performance for Beneath the Broadcast. A pink light casts on the band as they play to a backdrop set featuring a disco ball, transmitters and records, oddities of CBC Yukon’s past. The disco ball hangs, the band grooves and everything is all right. Paris’ voice is emotional and deeply felt as she laments over a romance that slipped away. It sounds as if it could be heard on a Sunday Morning Drive radio show in 1975 - bright and sunny, yet sincere & heartfelt. She is said to have left home at the age of 18 and hitch hiked her way to Whitehorse, Yukon, and has never looked back since. Her Soul-Pop music is sometimes accompanied by a large, full-bodied brass ensemble and her new album “Feeling Love” is out October 2019.


What was the process like for making “Feeling Love”?

I had written the songs for 'Feeling Love' whilst stuck at my first camp job for weeks at a time during last winter. Which seemed to have triggered my creative side. When I got back to Whitehorse after being laid off for the summer we hit Old Crow Studio. Patrick Hamilton recorded and produced the entire record. He was super fun to work with and sometimes helped push me out of my comfort zone which ultimately brought forward more of my energy. Luckily the artists involved we're my friends so ultimately the studio environment could feel pretty laid back, fun and sometimes rather silly after being inside for 8 hours at a time.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?

Soul-Pop with influences from motown and funk.
The lyrical content is uplifting and genuine.

How did you first start getting involved in music?

I started playing music in highschool around grade 10 when my first boyfriend started playing drums. But I was very shy. My first time singing infront of a crowd was at a school talent show with a friend on guitar. In grade 11 I moved to Nanaimo and joined band class where I picked up Bass, after graduation it was Ukulele and recently i've been learning guitar.

Who are some of your favourite artists and records?

I listen to alot of different music. I guess I draw Inspiration from current artists such as Mac Demarco, Jojo Worthington, Dent May and local Yukon artists such as Jona Barr, Calla Kinglit, Kim Beggs & Selina Heyligers-Hare. There's many more artists I could mention but it's a long long list.

As a musician, what would be the biggest strengths and weakness’ of being located in the Yukon?

Strengths include having access to lots of support such as a strong musical community and grants which are available for music and arts.
Weakness' may include being far away from other provinces makes touring difficult. Especially when driving.

What was making Beneath the Broadcast like?

Fortunately I just got to show up and play or so it seemed that smooth. All of the hard work seemed done by the time I arrived. Brendan Preston Productions, Big Boat Records & Something Shows coordinated the artists and external supports needed to get the job done. It was a pretty big team of people, and it was super fun to be involved in such a cool project.

What’s next? Any plans for a tour down south and across Canada?

My current plans include my debut tour to eastern Canada with Paris Pick & The Pricks in promotion of my latest record 'Feeling Love'. We'll be driving from Whitehorse-Montreal. I can't wait!

Anything else you would like to add?

People can listen to my music and keep up to date via my Official website at https://parispickandthepricks.com

Thanks, Paris!

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