The Golden Dogs unveil new track, "Decided"

The Golden Dogs

The Golden Dogs unveil "Decided," a new single from their upcoming album 3 ½. The track and its video are both streaming exclusively via Quick Before It Melts. Listen/watch HERE.
With it's bass-driven swagger, falsetto-focused chorus hooks, and vintage-sounding synth lines, "Decided" expands on the band's high-energy triumphant power pop finding the band at their most mature and inventive. 

Super-charged and unrelenting, 3 ½ is the first album from the Golden Dogs in nearly four years. New, yet refreshingly familiar, the album full of sweaty fist pumps, hypnotic kick drums, and gutteral yells showcases a revitalized vigor and enthusiam from the group. 

The band embarks on a short Central Canadian tour in support of the record beginning next month. Dates are as follows:

Feb. 21 - Toronto, ON @ The Rivoli
Feb. 27 - Ottawa, ON @ House of Targ
Mar. 06 - Hamilton, ON @ This Ain't Hollywood
Mar. 07 - Montreal, QC @ Divan Orange
Mar. 20 - Kingston, ON @ The Grad Club

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Gabrielle Papillon releases The Tempest of Old on March 24

The Tempest of Old by Gabrielle Papillon

Gabrielle Papillon releases

The Tempest of Old on March 24
...debuts new single "Got You Well"

Gabrielle Papillon releases her highly anticipated album The Tempest of Old on March 24, 2015. Listen to lead single "Got You Well" HERE

Gabrielle Papillon

"One of the finest new songwriters in Canada." 
Tom Power, CBC Radio 2's Deep Roots.

Steeped in a swampy, gothic underpinning, The Tempest of Old is big, orchestral, and defiant. Setting the mood with a bold and haunting piece that channels the sepia-soaked, cinematic drive of the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack, "Got You Well" is a striking album opener. Embracing the grandiosity of tones and textures, Papillon continues the beautifully dramatic disposition on tracks such as "Come and Gone," "Brother, Throw Down," and "Kentucky in the Dark."

Recorded at 
Echo Lake in Halifax, NS with multiple award-winning producer Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant, In-Flight Safety), the album marks a growth from the simplicity and gentle quality of Papillon's previous work. On The Tempest of Old, her ear for compelling hooks and her lyrical craftmanship remain steadfast, blended this time with sonic landscapes that revel in visceral storytelling. The album masterfully captures Papillon's outstanding live performances, gleaming with her charm and personality.

Gabrielle Papillon heads to the UK in May to perform at The Great Escape, and will announce Canadian tour dates in the months to come.

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Opeongo - Tachycardia

Tachycardia by Opeongo 

By Lukas Foote

tach·y·car·di·a. (takiˈkärdēƧ) noun 1. An abnormally rapid heart rate. The definition could also be used to describe my feelings when I first listened to Opeongo’s Tachycardia EP.

The albums cover for Tachycardia as Keegan Trumpour (Opeongo) puts it “A wonderful camera malfunction”. The picture depicts what appears to be a light malfunction from his film camera. The EP cover depicts bright, vibrant yellow lights trailing all over the place in a wavy, distinct, intriguing pattern. Keegan’s favourite photographs are the “fuck ups” that at the same time he finds beautiful. Although Keegan can’t recall what the original photograph for the EP cover was supposed to be behind the light malfunction; he is one for demeaning his own work in a modest, humble way. He may write off his photographs as beautiful errors and his own music as “A bunch of random tunes thrown together”, but there is no denying the unique, distinctive vocals and musical ability that Keegan Trumpour freshly presents in an independent artistic way.

Every song on this 10 track EP is a tale/story, with disheartening and lonesome lyrics. What’s distinctive about Tachycardia that makes it stand out from other sappy or disheartening band releases is that, to the listener, we feel the same level of distress and hopelessness that Opeongo presents in his music. An example of this would be in such tracks like Be My (Sophia Ryde), which gives a great insight into some personal sorrow. “And if this world inhales my achin’ heart/And if I end up as nothing more than bone and soil/If I get on stage and I can’t seem to start/Could you ease my nerves?/Darling, would you still be loyal?”. Or the intro track to the EP Let Fall, a song about how one hopes that a noose around their neck will catch them as they let go of their two conflicting identities.

From Toronto, Ontario 

Another thing really artistic on Tachycardia I liked was the use of the harmonica on tracks like TAKE, Alackadaydream, and hopeless. I always thought of the harmonica as the number one Dad instrument in a jam band with the other Dads from the factory; all wearing white new balances, ill-fitting khaki’s and leather jackets. But I digress. Opeongo restores my faith in the good ol’ mouth organ the way he expands the oldfatherly instrument to fit the whole lo-fi, depressing feeling EP.

Opeongo’s Tachycardia EP has some lo fidelity in it for the most part. Yet it is jam-packed with some good old-fashioned finger pickin’ which gives off a very country-folk vibe, yet still remaining experimental and euphoric, it’s quite the release from Midland, Ontario. It’s hard to compare Opeongo with other bands because truthfully, Opeongo separates himself from the mainstream. I could list a couple of genres that Opeongo falls into; folk, experimental, indie; but Keegan manages to combine and capture everything into one tentative cooking pot branded Tachycardia. It is as if Opeongo is not concerned in limiting himself to one genre and I look forward to these “rough, raw, nothing concrete” recordings being one day concrete and on a full length in the near future.

For Fans Of:
Tasseomancy, Timber Timbre, Perfume Genius

Nice, Nice, NOICE!

Beams releases The Gutters & The Glass on January 27

Seven piece ensemble Beams releases The Gutters & The Glass on Tuesday, January 27. The EP, available on seven-inch vinyl, is streaming exclusively via Exclaim!. Listen HERE.

The Gutters & The Glass by Beams

The Gutters & The Glass by Beams

The band embarks on an Ontario tour in support of the new record. Dates are as follows:

Jan. 29 - Toronto, ON @ The Horseshoe Tavern
Jan. 30 -  Oshawa, ON @ The Moustache Club
Jan. 31 - Peterborough, ON @ Pig's Ear
Feb. 01 - Waterloo, ON @ Princess Cafe
Feb. 14 - Barrie, ON @ Clarkson Pub

Recorded in Chicago with John McEntire (TortoiseThe Sea & Cake), The Gutters & The Glass showcases the Beams' proclivity for blending country, bluegrass, folk, and avant garde approaches that combines long-dead Appalachian voices and tradition with a brave injection of 21st century pop.

Beams from Toronto, ON

Beams from Toronto, ON

The follow-up to their debut, Just Rivers, the EP once again finds Beams heralding lush vocal harmonies, meticulous layers of melody, and disquieting lyrics.

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BA Johnston announces Canadian tour dates

BA Johnston - Shit Sucks

BA Johnston releases Shit Sucks 
produced by Mike O'Neill

...announces Canadian tour dates & 
premieres new single via House of Targ


Canada's hardest working curmudgeon BA Johnston releases his new album, Shit Sucks, on Tuesday, February 24 via Mammoth Cave Recording Co. The single, "Gonna End Up Working In Fort McMurray," premiered today via House of Targ. Listen to the track HERE

BA embarks on a Canadian tour in support of the album. Dates are as follows:

Feb. 27 - North Bay, ON @ Raven and Republic
Feb. 28 - Sudbury, ON @ Townehouse Tavern
Mar. 06 - London, ON @ The Black Shire Pub
Mar. 07 - Peterborough, ON @ Pig's Ear Tavern
Mar. 13 - Guelph, ON @ Jimmy Jazz
Mar. 14 - Oshawa, ON @ Mustache Club
Mar. 20 - Toronto, ON @ Bovine Sex Club
Mar. 21 - Hamilton, ON @ This Ain't Hollywood
Mar. 26 - Kingston, ON @ The Mansion
Mar. 27 - Ottawa, ON @ House of Targ
Mar. 28 - Montreal, QC @ Grumpy's
Apr. 02 - Thunder Bay, ON @ Crocks
Apr. 03 - Winnipeg, MB @ The Handsome Daughter
Apr. 04 - Regina, SK @ German Club
Apr. 08 - Kelowna, BC @ Fernando's Pub
Apr. 09 - Nanaimo, BC @ The Cambie
Apr. 10 - Victoria, BC @ Logan's Pub
Apr. 11 - Vancouver, BC @ The Astoria Pub
Apr. 12 - Abbotsford, BC @ Aftermath
Apr. 14 - Whistler, BC @ Moe Joe's
Apr. 16 - Prince George, BC @ Westwood Pub
Apr. 17 - Hinton, AB @ The Woodcutter Lounge
Apr. 18 - Edmoton, AB @ Wunderbar
Apr. 19 - Banff, AB @ Wild Bill's Legendary Saloon 
Apr. 22 - Medicine Hat, AB @ Mario's Restaurant & Pub
Apr. 23 - Lethbridge, AB @ Owl Acoustic Lounge
Apr. 24 - Calgary, AB @ The Palomino Smokehouse Showroom
Apr. 25 - Saskatoon, SK @ Amigos


Produced by Mike O'Neill (The Inbreds), Shit Sucks is BA Johnston's tenth studio album and treads familiar territory for Hamilton's Sweatiest Entertainer. Spirited numbers about sitting on the couch and stealing booze from your mom's liquor cabinet mix with self-effacing tracks about solo pizza parties and the obliteration of Toronto. Quintessential BA. Shit Sucks also features appearances from Stephen Kelly (The Just Barelys) and Laura Peek, both of whom performed on BA's seminal album, My Heart Is A Blinking Nintendo.

A veteran of the Canadian tour circuit, BA continues to travel the country in his mother's beloved Toyota Previa minivan. Some say if you utter his name three times in front of a mirror, he will show up at your house, force you to give him nominal cover charge, then "entertain" you for 25 minutes.

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