Reversing Falls - This Is Why (Video)

Montreal fuzz band Reversing Falls delivers the arousing new video for "This Is Why".

My guess is the band name comes from Reversing Falls in Saint John, New Brunswick. Where the river runs through a narrow gorge, eventually emptying into the Bay of Fundy. Sounds like a powerful place to be, and their music resonates that feeling of power and fluidity. 

"Reversing Falls 2 arrives after three years of odd jobs, touring, personal triumphs and upheavals for the Montreal four-piece. After taking an extended break to fit life in and re-define their sound, it's the first album they've made solely on their own. Recorded in its entirety in lead singer/guitarist Tyler Crawford's bedroom studio, Reversing Falls 2 is the perfect distillation of what the Montreal guitar rock band is all about." 

The song resurrects 90's nostalgia. Upon listening I begin to remember the first time that Blink 182 touched my soul. When power chords made sense, and the time I wanted to get a Big Muff. In the song, the band mixes melancholic fuzz music with technical precession. My favourite moment is when the singers "settle down, straighten up" comes increates a mantra that sticks and empowers the listener. I still don't have a guitar pedal, but in reflection to the band the technology doesn't matter. You can hear it in their composition. It distils a melody that never bores, always hooks and commits to rocking out.

Official video for "This Is Why" by Reversing Falls
Directed by Luke Loseth